Uportal Administration

Uportal Administration preview

Uportal Administration is a web-based front-end for managing users, rights, groups, etc globally for all modules of Uportal.

Due to highly flexible rights and group management paradigm in Uportal, it is possible to easily and effectively control access to individual modules as well as have a fine-grain control within the same module as well.


  • Add/edit/delete any privilege, user, group, context, etc
  • Unlimited number of privileges per user group
  • Multiple groups per user
  • Real time privilege/group/user editing
  • User search by last name

Uportal Tech-insights

Technology Based on powerful combination of Java tm, Linux and MySQL, Uportal is fast, flexible and secure

Security The same Java web technology the Uportal is built on is widely used in online banking, brokerage and other critical applications. Linux and a strong SSL encryption provides additional level of security to all Uportal users. 

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