Uportal WorkFlow

Uportal WorkFlow preview

Uportal WorkFlow provides a simple and
affordable solution to automate work flow
process for all kinds of office forms,
purchase orders, etc

Uportal WorkFlow is an innovative, simple and flexible web-based form and document management solution. It easily replaces any paper forms (purchase orders, vacation requests, etc) by a smart virtual document, that routes itself to complete the work process.

File online, track progress and access forms/documents from anywhere. 

Not only it saves cost and increases overall productivity, Uportal WorkFlow totally eliminates the need to move the form from one place to another. 


  • Flexible web-based document/form management paradigm
  • Support for static and dynamic document routing
  • Auto-complete and self-checks in forms
  • Familiar and intuitive "Outlook-like" interface
  • Multiple language cross-document support (English, German, French and Spanish)
  • Advanced tracking statistics
  • Seamless integration with Uportal iPhone for VoIP functionality
  • Search and sorting
  • Folders for "Work", "Sent", "Active" and  "Completed " documents

Uportal Tech-insights

Technology Based on powerful combination of Java tm, Linux and MySQL, Uportal is fast, flexible and secure

Security The same Java web technology the Uportal is built on is widely used in online banking, brokerage and other critical applications. Linux and a strong SSL encryption provides additional level of security to all Uportal users. 

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