Uportal iQuest

Uportal iQuest preview

Uportal iQuest is an ideal way to
conduct surveys and find the opinions
of users in the Uportal database
(customers, employees, students, etc)

Uportal iQuest is a complete solution for conducting various types of online surveys and pooling. It provides an easy-to-use and flexible way to request the intended audience to take part in a survey (group or personal email), process the individual submissions and present results in a variety of forms


  • Personalized notification emails
  • Support for various types of questions (multiple choice, text input, selects and multiple selects)
  • Possibility to embed any media file type (picture, video, audio, etc) with a question
  • Intuitive user interface with questionnaire progress bar and simple layout
  • Additional "comments" text field for every question
  • Multiple language support per questionnaire (English, German, French and Spanish)
  • Real-time processing of results
  • Flexible presentation of pooling results (answers per question/user, etc)

Uportal Tech-insights

Technology Based on powerful combination of Java tm, Linux and MySQL, Uportal is fast, flexible and secure

Security The same Java web technology the Uportal is built on is widely used in online banking, brokerage and other critical applications. Linux and a strong SSL encryption provides additional level of security to all Uportal users. 

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