Uportal ePAS

Uportal ePAS preview

Uportal ePAS ensures the fair
student/course distribution -
regardless of the time they registered

Uportal ePAS is an advanced course registration and assignment system for any institution of higher education. Its goal is to provide the most fair distribution of courses in an environment with limited number of places per course" availability.

It's advanced algorithm assigns courses to students automatically, taking into account a number of parameters and prioritizing courses and students.


  • Fully automatic course assignment algorithm
  • Registration results independent of registration time
  • Flexible priorities assignment
  • Manual assignment of a given course to a given student for handling of special cases
  • "Online periods" - setting the time frame for the registration and checking course assignment results
  • Check for course time overlap
  • Students per course
  • Courses per student
  • Courses with available places
  • All, assigned and not assigned registrations
  • Course assignment success rate
  • Assignment details per student
  • Detailed reasons for failed assignments (time overlap, course full, alternative course assigned, etc

Uportal Tech-insights

Technology Based on powerful combination of Java tm, Linux and MySQL, Uportal is fast, flexible and secure

Security The same Java web technology the Uportal is built on is widely used in online banking, brokerage and other critical applications. Linux and a strong SSL encryption provides additional level of security to all Uportal users. 

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