Uportal iLearning

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Uportal iLearning facilitates
cooperation and provides fast,
hassle-free access to information
for everybody involved in teaching process

Uportal iLearning is a complete course/syllabus/registration - management system for institutions of higher education.

It provides a central web-based cooperation point for professors, students and others involved in the teaching process.


  • Precise and flexible mirroring of university structure (departments, modules, courses)
  • Online real-time generation of syllabus/course book in PDF format
  • Real-time easy editing of courses/organizational data
  • Online course registration and advanced student-course assignment using Uportal ePAS

Uportal iLearning helps many to work/study/teach more productively:


  • View course information and details
  • Search courses by name, professor, module, etc
  • Register for courses and provide selection alternatives
  • View the current personal study schedule
  • Find groupmates who take same courses/modules, etc


  • Easily update own course and module information
  • Create Syllabus and module overview in PDF
  • View own course participant lists
  • Keep own profile information up-to-date
  • View profile of students who take their courses

Student office and university administration

  • Organize course data collection and registration
  • View course registration lists
  • Generate Syllabus and module overview in PDF

Uportal Tech-insights

Technology Based on powerful combination of Java tm, Linux and MySQL, Uportal is fast, flexible and secure

Security The same Java web technology the Uportal is built on is widely used in online banking, brokerage and other critical applications. Linux and a strong SSL encryption provides additional level of security to all Uportal users. 

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