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Uportal Phone is a complete enterprise Telephone System (Private Branch Exchange) based on the popular "Asterisk" Linux open source PBX and other free software.

Its innovative setup, rich set of features, flexibility and stability turns phoning into a truly new experience, making it more efficient, time-saving and comfortable than ever before.


  • Unlimited number of internal extensions (phone numbers)
  • No phone line required
  • Up to 5 simultaneous landline calls on one DSL connection
  • Local phone numbers worldwide
  • Low acquisition and operating costs


Further important advantages are:

  • Innovative approach to telephony: taking the advantage of a computer's natural flexibility and user-friendliness, Uportal Phone brings phoning to the desktop, along with a whole host of new and exciting possibilities:
    • "Click-to-phone" feature allows to simply click a number on a website to dial it

    • "Copy-and-paste numbers": now simply copy and paste any phone number you'd like to dial from a website, your Outlook address book, etc into the Uportal Phone client and it'll dial it for you. There is no need to punch the number on your phone any more. It'll save time and make dialing much more comfortable.

    • "Voicemail via email" - get voicemail messages as emails with audio attachments in your inbox

    • "Take your iPhone with you" - on the move? No problem - you can use Uportal Phone from any computer connected to the Internet, regardless of your physical location - Canada, USA, Europe or elsewhere - you'll stay connected and use iPhone just as if you were in your office. Moreover, others can reach you under your standard local phone number – doesn't matter where you are

    • "Talk and work" - with Uportal Phone you can use your computer, have both hands free and continue working while talking on the phone

  • Enormous savings in time and money:
    • Talk with other users of iPhone for free (central and constituency offices, company branches, etc)

    • Make calls to landline phones in Canada, USA, Germany for around $ 0.01 US/minute without monthly fees. Check 'Prices' in your account for the exact real-time price.

    • Receive calls from any landline phone: with Uportal Phone you can be reached from any landline phone at local rates. In fact, you can get several numbers worldwide in various countries and your customers, clients, etc in your target market can reach you under their local numbers, without having to pay a long-distant charges. Moreover, you can set up a "virtual office" and be present in numerous cities worldwide for very low cost (starting $10 US a month) in a few days.

    • See your call history online with "Click-to-phone" numbers, cost, duration, etc

    • Forward your calls to another Uportal Phone account or to any phone number worldwide!
      You can forward all your incoming calls to any other user of Uportal Phone system. Say, you’d like to protect your Quiet Hour and asked your friend to screen calls for you, or let your secretary do so.

    • Save money on the telephone: with Uportal Phone there is no need to buy a standard telephone, the headset is cheaper, more comfortable and easier to use. The software is free.
  • Comfortable, ergonomic and easy-to-use setup
    • Using headset for making telephone calls leaves both hands free, eliminates the need to hold the receiver by the shoulder when both hands are needed, which contributes into creating a safe, ergonomic and comfortable work conditions.

    • Setting up the Uportal Phone client is easy and users can do it for themselves in less than 5 minutes.
  • Impressive flexibility, stability and cost-effectiveness
    • Because Uportal Phone is build on top of the open source Linux Telephony server Asterisk (www.asterisk.org), used by thousands of users worldwide, it's got a proven record of stability and a rich set of features, with new ones being added constantly.

    • Since Uportal Phone is created using the open source and other free software, there is no license fees, which cuts down the cost of acquiring and running the system.

    • Uportal Phone runs on free Linux servers, which significantly lowers the chances of downtime due to viruses or hacker attacks.

    • Uportal Phone uses open source software at its foundation, which allows to make any changes, customizing or additions to satisfy the most subtle needs of a customer.


 Executive Summary

What? Innovative telephone system
For whom? Office-type operations, small/medium-size companies, educational institutions
Why? To cut down phone costs, get new features, reduce stress and save time
Who's competition? Standard PBXs (Alcatel, Siemens, etc), Skype

Security, stability? Best combination: Java, Linux, MySQL
How much? Starting at US $900
What's in the package? Custom PBX, installation, training, support
Trial? Yes, please contact us
Support? 24/7 world-wide


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