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iFocus constantly answers the manager's dilemma:

"What have I delegated,
to whom and when is it due?"

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Uportal iFocus is an enterprise time-management and goal-setting application that provides a solid foundation for improving time usage habits, delegation, increasing efficiency and accountability.

Indispensable for teams and workgroups, iFocus is also a great tool for personal use to manage goals, track time usage and review progress.

iFocus makes it simple and easy to:

Manage time

  • Keep a daily timelog (what and when were I doing, how long it took me to complete it, and what the cost was)
  • Review the time spend for a task, project, activity, etc
  • Revise and correct alarming patterns of time waste and self-interruption before they develop into a harmful habit

Set and manage goals

  • Define goals by time (daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly, 5 years 10 years) and type (corporate, career, self-development, etc)
  • Set and visualize goals in relation to each other
  • Brainstorm ways to reach an objective and set goals at the same time
  • Manage and review goal completion progress
  • Keep and share notes and files associated with reaching a particular goal
  • View all, recent, completed, delayed and future goals

Manage teams and projects

  • Delegate tasks and view progress
  • Get goal completion reports from your team
  • Bill customers for the time spend on their project down to a second
  • View activities and costs per project, customer and team
  • Evaluate overall team efficiency and productivity of individual members

 Executive Summary

What? Time-management & goals-setting
For whom? Teams, professionals, managers, small/medium-size companies
Why? Reduce stress, get better insight, increase efficiency, reduce costs, increase satisfaction
Who's competition? MProWeb (Performace Solutions Technologies LLC), www.successfactors.com

Security, stability? Best combination: Java, Linux, MySQL
How much? Starting at US $20/user/month
Trial? Yes, 1 week free trial available
Support? 24/7 world-wide


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