Custom software

Custom software

The important factor in efficiency of any software is how well it fits into the existing situation, work process or organization. The better the fit, the more benefits and higher productivity can be achieved.


Custom or customized software has the highest degree of conformity and can therefore yield the best results possible.

To make the custom software affordable, WebServiceCenter uses its own development framework as well as special methodologies to reduce development time and lower costs.

WebServiceCenter customizes existing Uportal modules to better fit into the particular company, organization or institution as well as develops new software upon request.

Examples of custom software:

  • Specialized online portals with unique features
  • Web-based applications
  • Web 2.0 Mesh-ups

Executive Summary

What? Custom-developed web-projects
Why? To create unique product or service for customers or improve own operations
Who's competition? Other custom software development agencies
Why WebServiceCenter? Highly secure framework, professional, affordable pricing
Security, stability? Best combination: Java, Linux, MySQL
Support? 24/7 world-wide


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